You will need
  • For growing mushrooms:
  • - 3 liters of tea;
  • - 1.5 cups of sugar.
  • To prepare the tea brew:
  • - 2,5 - 3 liters of tea;
  • - sugar to taste.
Tea mushroom it is possible to take from acquaintances or friends, but you can grow your own. This requires not so many ingredients and several months of patience. Take a jar, preferably 3-liter, pour it in a tea solution of medium strength (not too strong, but not weak).
Put the jar in a warm place and leave. After a few days you will notice on the surface of tea the thin film-like mold. Actually, this is our mushroom, but he has yet to grow and grow. The total process can take up to 2 months, but it can be accelerated, to sweeten the solution. Sugar makes the breeding of bacteria more favorable, the fungus starts to grow right before our eyes.
Ready mushroom is a rather thick slimy substance similar to marine jellyfish. Once that happens, you can prepare the drink. To start rinse the mushroom under cool running water, wash the jar, it will be a great "home" for your pet.
Prepare the tea solution, add sugar to taste, stir well, leave to cool. Remember that hot liquid mushroom can not fill, otherwise it will die. Also it is undesirable ingress of sugar crystals or very strong welding. The solution is at room temperature pour into the jar. The fungus at some time will fall down, but then will rise. As a rule, winter is the time of preparation of carbonated beverage is about 5 days in summer 2-3.
Pour the prepared tea brew into another container and store in the refrigerator, as the fungushave arrange water treatments. Rinse off the excess mucus and fibers. If necessary, separate the "old" part, then put in a jar and pour fresh solution. The Bank also don't forget to rinse.
Use gauze or a special cover with holes, the fungus must "breathe". Oxygen is needed for the work of bacteria. If you have separated the old part, add in a solution for a young mushroomand a little ready mushroomtion of infusion, so he quickly adapted.