The technique of whistling.

Inexperienced accordion the first thing I try to play one note of this technique. She is fairly easy to learn, but at the same time it is limiting.

That would play a whistle, you need to:

1. Purse your lips as when whistling.

2. Take the harmonica in your lips, keeping their position.

3. Choose any one hole in the harmonica, then try to focus your lips on this area. Direct the air flow directly through the hole. If you hear clear sound, it means that your lips are in the correct position.
The U-lock.

This technique requires that you "turned" the language in the letter "U", while the right and left side of the tongue will block the extreme holes.

1. Taking a harmonica in the mouth, try to cover 3 holes.

2. The tip of the tongue will place it in the hole that you want to play.

3. Turning the language of surly "U", close the two outer holes, the Central should be open. Inhale and exhale.

When you learn to reproduce clear sound in one hole, try to move to the other. Exercising thus soon you will be able to play melodies up and down.
The technique of blocking language.

To isolate holes from play the sound uses the tongue and lips. This technique is the most popular among advanced harmonica players, because it's the easiest way of adjustment from the notes of a chord.

To use this technique you need:

1. Take a harmonica in the mouth, at the same time try to keep it as deep as possible, but allowing you to breathe freely.

2. Lips cover the 4 holes.

3. His tongue out, move it in a corner that it covers the 3 extreme of the hole.

4. Inhale and exhale. At this position of the tongue, the air should pass only through the one open hole. If you can not get a clean sound the first time, relax your tongue and try again.