Grounds for state registration of dissolution of marriage are the joint request of the spouses, the application of a spouse, and entered into force the court decision on divorce.
Any statement on divorce personally served in writing to the authority of civil state registry office, which is located either at the place of residence of one of the spouses, or the place where the registration of marriage. The application form is filled in accordance with the requirements of the content of the statement provided for in the "Law on acts of civil status". Samples for completing the application are on special stands or racks in the departments of the registry office.
Also a petition for divorce may be filed in electronic form via the single portal of public and municipal services through the multipurpose centre. When the application for the issuance of a certificate of dissolution of marriage via the Internet portal the applicant fills in the appropriate electronic form, which lists required data.
For the state registration of divorce and issuance of the certificate is a pre paid fee for details of the Department of the registry office in which the application is submitted. The document confirming payment of the state fee is provided along with the application. At the same time officials must present the identity document and a "Certificate of marriage".
In administrative order dissolution family Union is made directly to the Registrar in the following cases: if the spouses consent to a divorce is mutual, and they do not have minor children; if spouse recognized by the court as missing or legally incapable or sentenced to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years, regardless of whether not entered into an adult age children. In all other cases, the marriage is dissolved in court.
To terminate the marriage and to obtain funds for the maintenance of the child or the applicant, you must submit a petition for dissolution of marriage and alimony for the child in court. These two requirements can be submitted to the court separately. The statement of claim about divorce and child support payments are made in accordance with the requirements of civil procedure and it is paid duty.
This application is submitted to the court at the defendant's place of residence. If the departure of the plaintiff to the defendant's place of residence is difficult for health reasons, or when there is a minor child, the claim about divorce and alimony payments can be submitted to judicial authority at the place of residence of the plaintiff.
State registration of divorce on the grounds of a court decision is made without filing of further statements to the Registrar, if it is the same Department of registration of acts of civil status, where was married. If the registry office is located at the place of residence of either of the spouses, is necessary in this Department of the registry office additionally submit an application for dissolution of marriage in written or oral form.