Kalanetika is a complex of 29 exercises based on the asanas of yoga. It strengthens the cervical and lumbar regions of the spine, improves metabolism and skin tone, activates the deep muscles and generally has beneficial effects on the body. It is believed that only one hour kalanetika supersedes the days of aerobics, and so there's a chance to become slimmer in a very short period of time. This slow, leisurely gymnastics requires careful implementation of all recommendations and, more importantly, proper breathing. During exercise you will sweat, gasp for breath or trying to keep up with the frantic pace, as often occurs in aerobic exercises. No, the basic rule kalanetika - keep complex, unusual posture, making it work "dormant" muscles. This set of exercises lengthens and stretches the muscles, forming a beautiful relief without increasing volume. That is why kalanetika received the unofficial title of "exercises for dancers".
Kalanetika named after Callan Pinckney, which has developed this set of exercises in the early sixties to improve their health and avoid knee surgeries and spine.

What you need to know before doing callanetics?

At first glance, this gymnastics complex seem very simple. All you need to stand in one position not more than a minute. However, this misconception. Hold the required postures requires serious loads and is not limited to the stretching and relaxation. If the level of your physical training is not too high, not worth it as your main physical exertion to choose kalanetika. To start Pilates, which, professing the same principles as kalanetika, yet not so demanding of the human body.

If your training allows you to engage with kalanetika, remember that the best result, as in the case with many other types of load may only be achieved at observance of principles of proper nutrition. Protein diet, avoiding alcohol, taking vitamins - all this will help you in the shortest possible time to feel and see changes in your body.

Kalanetika suitable for people who want to lose considerable weight, those who do not like cardio, for those who have no time for hours of exercise. At first kalanetika need to pay for an hour two or three times a week when desired form is reached, the number of hours can be reduced to one week. This would be enough to maintain shape.
If hours of training seems too hard, don't worry: it can be divided into several 15 minute approaches during the day.

In some cases, it is impossible to engage kalanetika?

As in the case of any other serious physical activity, there are a number of contraindications. You have to look for an alternative to this set if:
- you underwent a surgical operation less than a year ago;
- you have very poor vision;
- you have asthma;
- you have varicose veins or have hemorrhoids.

In fact, other contraindications. Remember, when doing callanetics should not rape your body, if you are unable to perform some exercise, try the light version. Over time your body will become stronger and you will be able to perform all movements, achieving the best results.