You will need
  • Music for the dance "the Gypsy"
This dance can be both solo and paired. Being a woman, you need to show the sensuality of female nature, flirting, willfulness, pride. Being a man, it is also possible to embody different traits – the feverishness of life, a desperate courage.
Choose the kind of dance. Fans of "Gipsy" distinguish Tabor, stage, salon and street dance. Stage performed, as a rule, professional dancers, a dance is staged, high quality performance. The salon is kind of dramatic, but his chamber, i.e. designed for a smaller number of viewers.
Choose Tabor or street is the best option for fans because it involves the free performance, improvisation and audience participation. Tabor and street types "Gypsy girl" are practically the same, except that in the Gypsy dance, the performers try to come up with virtuoso movement and combinations thereof.
Start the output with slow and unhurried movements full of dignity. Be sure to hold the posture, lift your chin and walk around in a circle – slowly, as if peering into the atmosphere or to your partner. If the dancing pair, one partner stands or sits on the site.
Gradually fill the dance movements. In men, the clapping of hands, claps on knees and ankles, prisyadki, tap dance. Do it confidently, clearly and fervently. The audience at the beginning of the dance should have a feeling of restrained passion. Women's dance include graceful hand movements of the shoulders, the graceful turns of the body, and snapping. Characteristic for the female option is a kind of game with the Gypsy skirts and the famous "shoulder shiver".
Increase the heat, add movements. The pace quickens and intensifies the energy of the dance. Listen to music, give your emotions and you always succeed.