You will need
  • mirror;
  • music;
  • Gypsy skirt.
Wear comfortable clothes. To practice all the basic moves of Gipsy, you'll need a Gypsy skirt (this skirt floor-length with lots of frills and ruffles). Stand in front of a large wide full length mirror and turn on appropriate music.
Learn the most famous Gypsy dance "Gipsy output". It consists of two parts – slow and fast. The sensual melody of "exit" is gradually accelerated, and the dance comes to a rapid pace. Male party includes numerous claps, percussion, prisyadki and dance. Women's party was founded on a delicate, graceful movements of the hands, shoulders, spins body, head.
Practise step "gait with skirt". This step looks dance through reverse footwork. Let the body slightly lag behind the movements of the legs, so the body will look as if freely floating in the air. When driving swing back the head. Hands open to the sides, keep the skirt hem, shoulders slightly podrachivaya with every step.
Practice the following movements. To do this, legs tightly close together, stand on your toes, working the calf muscles, make the body to vibrate slightly. Body Flex so that the hair is freely hanging and not lying on the back. Hands perform a smooth, sweeping motion.
Follow the wide course of the pattern. To do this, toss skirt leg and put the foot pattern. Body rotten, his hands pull forward. Two steps execute the movement in the opposite direction.
Complete a culminating dance movement. While the partner takes the virtuoso fractions, start to spin, then fall on the floor and arch your shoulders shaking and waving of the skirt.