Women after the procedure of in vitro fertilization begin to listen to your body, look for signs of pregnancy, confirmation in dreams and omens, and sometimes fall into extreme depression without finding them. Some ladies are in control of every breath and movement, respecting the birth of the baby. All this, oddly enough, only prevents pregnancy. For a successful IVF doctors give a number of recommendations.
Usually the first two hours after transferring the fertilized embryo to the woman should lie down. But in principle, only the first twenty minutes. Some women two weeks after IVF comply with bed rest, but experts do not give such instructions. Suffice it to observe polupostelny mode for three days, and then get to work and doing household chores. Avoid overexertion and heavy lifting. If possible it would be nice to take this small vacation period to relax and rest.
After IVF try to drink plenty of fluids, at least two liters a day, eat protein foods (fish, meat, nuts, dairy products). In the diet are also welcome dairy products, greens and fruits. Avoid foods that can cause flatulence (grapes, fresh fruits, soft drinks). Don't get carried away with the rolls and potatoes because they are heavy for digestion. Abstain from alcohol and do not abuse of coffee, strong tea.
Ensure good blood supply to the uterus. Constant lying is not the best way to do that. As often as possible walk in the fresh air, walking will help improve circulation and ensure blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus. While lying under the feet it is recommended to enclose the pillow, this position facilitates blood flow to the organs of the pelvis and relaxation of the uterus.
Give yourself a relaxed state of mind and a positive attitude. Interesting read good books, listen to music, go to museums and theatres, watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Get more on the nature, communicate with nice people. Believe in the best and enjoy life. It is also worth noting that few women succeed at the first attempt to get pregnant after IVF. Quite likely that you have more time to go through this procedure.