Cargo interests requiring the attention of carriers and forwarders, they become in that case, if you are not able to self-deliver or ship their goods or products. In today's freight market, there are many legal and quasi-legal logistics companies involved in shipping, transportation and clearance of goods from one part of the world to another. However, large fleets of carriers today will reduce the number of their machines due to the imperfections of the taxation of freight transport and the deterioration of the fleet.
Therefore, many drivers are buying their trucks or take them out and start their own small business.
In order to find the owner and get the order for shipping, read ads in Newspapers and trade magazines about the need for transportation.
Attend trade shows, where you can find information on potential shippers and their traffic volumes.
Let's ad in the newspaper and online if you have transportation and the desire to transfer goods. Tell friends and acquaintances about your transport business.
Search for cargo owners on the Internet ads on special websites. By the way, there you will find reviews of the owners, and their ability to pay. Remember: information is half the battle.
Upon receipt of your order for cargo, make sure that the cargo was properly executed, check the status, quantity, arrange a collection time at the point of loading and delivery of the goods at the final destination. Immediately discuss the terms of payment. Do not drive on the roads of Russia alone. This is hard and dangerous. Pick a partner, try to have a minimal means of self-defense. Before leaving always check the technical condition of your truck.