You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • browser.
Install support for the Kazakh language. To do this, call up the main menu the "start" button, select "control Panel", there go to menu "Language and regional standards". In the tab "Languages" click "Details". In the selection menu, select languages the Kazakh language. To add the Kazakh language in the system you may need the installation disk. To record, just download the ISO image of CD and mount using special programs, for example, Daemon Tools.
Install support for the Kazakh language for Microsoft Office programs. In the main menu, select "Programs" then "Microsoft Office Language settings Microsoft Office 2003". Go to the tab "Available languages", select the desired language (Kazakh) and click "Add".
Go to the site where you can download Kazakh font. To do this, download the archive with fonts. Data archives contain over a hundred font families, there are also decorative fonts, ornaments and national symbols. There are fonts that are similar in spelling but have different encoding. After downloading the archive extract it in a folder, to apply the Kazakh font. Then, select all the font files in the folder, click "Copy". Navigate to the folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts paste the copied files and wait until it finishes installing the Kazakh fonts.
Check the correct installation of the fonts on the computer to do this, go to a special website and make sure that the top of the screen you see the Kazakh symbols. If instead you see strange characters, click the link "Download archive" and extract the contents after downloading to a folder C:\WINDOWS\Fonts. Then restart the computer.