Women and men the Twins are very easy to talk to. They can support a conversation on any topic, to cheer when things are sad, and support, if required. They feel good emotions and always become great friends. But family life is quite complicated. A lot of Hobbies and constant friendly parties do not allow them to build a strong marriage. And understand their behavior can only be representative of the same sign. Therefore, it is often men and Gemini women-Gemini come together to create pairs.
To Twins fell in love, act natural. Be open to communication, take the initiative, be energetic. Offer active pastime - horseback riding, traveling, skydiving. Gemini love extreme sports and such entertainment come to their liking.
Don't control Twin. The worst thing for them - the restriction of freedom. Give him the opportunity to do their business. Still in first place Gemini is always an active interaction with others, not a living arrangement. Do not load the Twin household chores. He will find a way to cope with them, but will be angry at you for what you are distracted him from active public life.
Indulge Twin. This sign is very susceptible to flattery and gifts. It is important for the partners and it better be the material. Small gifts every evening will show the twins that you value your relationship and love it. Gifts for Twins more than words, as this chatty and not too mandatory sign understands how far it can be said of the actual.
To fall in love with a Twin, do whatever you'd like. Analyze their own feelings and understand what kind of person would love you. Then become that person and you go to prove your love.