From the point of view of the diagnosis of appendicitis is quite insidious. He is able to masquerade as various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which baffled sometimes even the most experienced doctors. The disease is most common in the age group of 15-35 years, however, are not immune from appendicitis and infants, and the elderly.
The first and main symptom of inflammation of the Appendix is abdominal pain. Note its location. At first unpleasant sensations arise in the epigastrium, after a few hours the pain increases and moves to the right side (the side with the iliac region). Before attempting to self-diagnose, call an ambulance. If you suspect appendicitis better to be safe and not wait until the pain becomes unbearable.
One of the signs of acute appendicitis is pain when walking. Try to take a few steps. If the pain is so strong that you can't stand on right leg, most likely your suspicions to the inflammation of the Appendix is not groundless.
Lie on your left side. If you feel increased pain, rather, it really is appendicitis.
Measure the temperature. Its increase may indicate inflammation of the Appendix. As a rule, the temperature does not rise above 38 degrees, and in some cases the temperature may remain normal.
On arrival to the hospital hand over the General analysis of blood. The characteristic symptom of appendicitis is to increase the level of leukocytes in the blood.
Pass radiographic or ultrasonic examination of the abdominal cavity. This will help to dispel all doubts about the diagnosis.
Even if the diagnosis is not finally confirmed, stay in the hospital for several hours for observation. Sometimes the disease is outside the box, and in the case of deterioration of timely surgery can save your life.