The Appendix plays an important role in immunopatologii, but does not perform vital functions. In most cases, appendicitis occurs after prizivlenia hernia accompanied by severe pain in the abdominal cavity. After that, ill be sure to require medical assistance in the form of surgical intervention. And judging by age categories, people of 9 and 35 years are most likely to have this disease.


Most cases of appendicitis does not go unnoticed, they feel nausea, stomach pains, namely in the lower part of the right side. Pain can be not only in the side, but near the navel, and then vomiting occurs.

After a certain time, abdominal pain may stop for a while. If the doctor diagnosed the disease, pressing on the sore spot, the pain may fade or slightly increase, and after releasing the hands, the stomach starts to hurt badly, the temperature rises to 39 degrees.

If appendicitis occurs in children in the first year of life, the pain can be not only specifically in the right side, and spread throughout the abdomen. But if appendicitis sick elderly person or a pregnant woman, the pain will be much less, but surgery is not as noticeable.


The causes of appendicitis can be quite different, but all leading to blockage of the lumen of the Appendix. This can assist a variety of small objects that enter the body, stool, tumors, parasites and so on.

If the lumen of the Appendix becomes clogged, the strong accumulation of mucus would interfere with his work, leading to inflammation of the mucous membrane.


In this disease, you should immediately consult the doctor because a ruptured Appendix, if it is not time to operate, will lead to serious consequences and other diseases. For example:peritonitis.