Jewelry made of gold or silver rare woman indifferent. It could be earrings, a ring and a chain with a pendant. Choosing a gift with a stone, you should find it under the sign of the zodiac mom. If the celebrant prefers precious metal jewellery, it is possible to order especially for her copyright work from the master.
A trip to a foreign resort or to a domestic resort with an open date can also please a mother. Especially, if, in addition to giving, has long been never rested. And so it was fun in the journey, buy a ticket for 2 persons. And who to take with her and let her choose herself.
If mom likes art, you can give her some scarce tickets for the best seats in the theater or a concert of good music. Should advance to "scout out" what play she would like to see what songs or artists to listen to. It is also important that the ticket was not the same. Someone has to be the mother.
The picture painted by the artist specifically for the triumph – another version of gift for an anniversary. This can be a classic portrait of your mom, painted photograph. But it's better if it will be some creative pun on the story, where the main roles will make your mother and family members. The picture in the consequence will occupy pride of place in the living room or bedroom.
The gift can be edible. For example, you can order a cake decorated specially for the celebration. Or make a huge bouquet of flowers, and to it add a couple of packs of elite varieties of tea.
From home appliances and practical things you should pay attention to the humidifier – it is simply irreplaceable in apartments with Central heating, a set of silver Cutlery, water ionizer. But the objects "send" mother in the kitchen – a set of pots, a blender, a food processor to give not recommended. In its anniversary mom needs to feel like a woman, not a housewife.
If the financial situation does not allow you to buy an expensive gift, it can be done by hand. Warm shawl, knitted of soft wool, openwork tablecloth with napkins, the original heating pad on the kettle or packetize – here is a small list of things that you can make yourself for the anniversary.
Mothers who have adult children recently got their own families, often dream about the grandchildren. And if you are lucky enough to get pregnant shortly before the anniversary, why not beat the good news and to present it as a gift? For example, it is possible to make or get ready the album and place some family photos, both old and recently made. And on the last page to put a bright postcard with the information that she will soon become a grandmother.