The main features of the selection of flowers for mom

A classic gift, of course, are roses. However, remember that these colors can be trivial for a native person, because it rose in most cases. However, there is another option – you can present the mom Burgundy, peach, green roses – they look stylish and original. Finally, if your mom loves these flowers, but you don't want to give the same bouquets, add roses and other plants – such as lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums.

Pay special attention to the smell of flowers. For example, if your mom doesn't love sharp, strong flavors, it is better to give her no lilies, freesias or hyacinths. If, on the contrary, likes bright flavors, prefer flowers with a pronounced pleasant smell.

If your mom of the older generation who prefer to keep house plants may be the best option for her will be a magnificent flower in a pot. You can even choose an exotic plant, only it is important to explain how to properly care for it. In this case, your gift will delight for a very long time, because the flower will not fade, and will bloom again and again.

What kind of bouquets you can give mom

It should consider the occasion on which you are giving flowers. For example, mother's Day or on March 8 often presented with luxurious bouquets of tulips. The composition can be bright, colorful, simple, modest, original of your choice. It is appropriate to add a stylish spring bouquets baskets – such compositions, became the luxurious interior decoration. Look great bouquets of tulips, complemented by artificial butterflies or miniature birds.

If we are talking about the ceremony, for example, about the anniversary – it is appropriate to choose not to modest, and this luxury bouquet. This is especially important if you plan to give flowers in front of guests and want to make a good impression on them and make mom proud with your gift. The ideal option is to give preference to her favorite colors and complement them with beautiful decorative elements.

Finally, note the original versions. In particular, it is possible to give preference to stable the bouquet stay fresh for several years. Another option is candy bouquets, paper and other materials. They look original and beautiful.