You will need
  • Battery camera, charger battery, camera.
The first thing to do is to completely discharge the battery. Ie shoot and shoot until until the battery will not sit down.
After that remove the battery and insert it into the charger connected to the socket. Let it charge to maximum. But in any case do not leave the battery in the charger after it is charged already. It adversely affects its properties and the amount of power.
As soon as the battery is charged, reinsert it in the camera and again discharge to exhaustion. So you need to do 3-4 run a full cycle of charging and discharging.
The battery is ready to serve you and your camera faithfully. During normal everyday use make sure the battery was always well charged. But it is not necessary to put it on charge if it is discharged only half. Wait till you have at least one division or the battery icon will begin to flash, warning about the depletion of energy.
If you have long and hard to photograph, and you're worried that a single battery might not be enough, buy another one. Let him be the spare. Always carry it with you. Rest assured, he will not just rescue.
How to charge the camera