You will need
  • The manual of the camera
If your camera operates from an individual battery, the only option for its replacement – the purchase of identical or similar battery. This can be done in a shop that sells the corresponding item, or by ordering the model you want on the Internet. Given the fact that usually the period of operation of such a battery is three to four years. So better to take care of the purchase of the additional battery.
How to choose <strong>accumulators</strong> <b>camera</b>
When it comes to batteries of size AA or AAA, it's a little easier. The first thing you need to do is to determine the future capacity of the battery. It is necessary to proceed from the following principle: the more the battery capacity, the longer the camera will be able to work without recharging. But to charge such a battery will be a little longer. Be sure to read the manual of the digital camera. Some camera models will not work properly with batteries too small or large volumes.
Battery AAA and AA are divided into two types: lithium-ion (LiON) or alkaline. The first type is cheaper and affordable. The advantages of the second type is that their capacity is usually slightly higher Li-ion, and the total number of charge cycles and much more.
Alkaline <strong>accumulators</strong>