When choosing flax oil, note the colour of the product. Quality oil - Golden-brown. Color can have a different intensity, which depends on the degree of purification. Good linseed oil is transparent, it has a muddy sediment.
When buying Flaxseed oil, look at the label. It must be written that the product prepared by the method of cold pressing. Manufacture temperature of the oil does not exceed 45℃. If you specify any other way of cooking, it is a technical product which is not suitable to eat.
Pay attention to the date of production: oil pressed from flax is stored for 1 year from the date of manufacture. Look at the color and the size of the bottle. Since Flaxseed oil breaks the light, it should only be sold in a dark container. This product has a short shelf life, therefore, it must be packaged in bottles of small volume.
Store bought Flaxseed oil in a dark and cool place (in refrigerator) for no longer than the period specified on the label. After opening the package, use the oil for 1-2 months. Eating stale Flaxseed oil instead of omega-3 fats can supersaturate the body with free radicals.
Before eating smell the oil. Quality product has a peculiar but pleasant flavor. The taste of Flaxseed oil are also specific, may have slight bitterness. If flax oil has an unpleasant odor and very bitter, this means that it has lost its useful properties.