You will need
  • - a bottle with a narrow neck made of ceramics or dark glasses;
  • - refrigerator or cellar.
Storage of linseed oil use glass bottle with a narrow neck. It is desirable that the glass was tinted: white, green, or blue. Can be applied to ceramic ware, but in this case it is more difficult to control the amount of remaining product. Plastic packaging, which is often sold linseed oil, is not clean, so it is better to pour.
Buying fresh Flaxseed oil in bulk, on the bottle be sure to mark the date, it will not allow you to exceed the retention period.
Keep Flaxseed oil in tightly sealed containers. During use, immediately return the cover, do not leave the bottle open. This is because the product is rich in unsaturated fatty acids easily react with oxygen contained in the air. As a result, when long exposed to air the oil "dries".
Place product in a dark cool place. In the best of all these conditions are satisfied by a fridge, and a private home cellar.
According to the popular recipe, to keep flax oil fresh, add calcined in a pan and chilled table salt at the rate of 1 tsp per liter. In this case, salt will serve as a natural preservative, taking away excess moisture.