What is the difference in refined and unrefined oils

These two types of oil is made from the same product, for example, olives or sunflower seeds. The only difference is in the degree of their purification. Crude is subjected to weak mechanical filtering, so it preserves not only the taste and aroma, but most of the nutrients.

Refined oil is cleaned more thoroughly in a few steps. In modern industry it is physical and using adsorbents or chemical methods. Most often used is the latest method of purification of oils, which are used alkali - it is much better worked out in the present day and makes it easier to control the quality of the finished product.

How to use refined oil

In multi-stage purification refined oil not only gets rid of impurities, but also loses its taste qualities and many nutrients. For the body this product is of no value, so use it fresh in a small amount, but the benefit it will bring.

It is best to use refined oil for frying or sautéing various foods. Unlike crude, it will not be foaming to produce an unpleasant odor when heated or sprayed in different directions. It can be easy to fry the pies, chicken, vegetables, pancakes and other products. In addition, you can add it to the dishes where it is not supposed to feel the taste of vegetable oil. For example, in some baked goods.

Another advantage of refined oil is that they can stock up for a long time. It retains its properties even during long-term storage in unsealed plastic containers. This is why this product is indispensable in the kitchen, especially if there are often prepared meals in the pan.

How to use unrefined oil

Crude oil produced from different plants, has a very special rich taste and aroma. For this reason it is often used for filling various salads with fresh vegetables or seafood. Correctly matched to them, the oil helps to open and enhance the taste of the dish. Crude oil is also added to some sauces, including hot.

This product is also appreciated for its high content of organic acids and vitamins, so it in small amounts can be used as a therapeutic agent. Unrefined olive oil is cold-pressed, for example, is helps with gastritis or gastric ulcer. It must be taken daily, 1-2 tablespoon on an empty stomach. Or you can add to oatmeal, to protect the stomach lining from irritation. And flax seed oil helps rid the body of carcinogens and other harmful compounds.

Unrefined oil can be used for cosmetic purposes – adding the masks to the skin or hair. It can also be applied to the body pure and leave on for 30-60 minutes – it moisturizes and nourishes the skin.