Advice 1: How to upgrade Enchantment in Skyrim

Skill Enchantment in Skyrim responsible for providing weapons and items of magical properties. A player with this skill can create an enchanted weapon that outperforms most conventional designs, and he created armor will have a permanent bonus when wearing them.
How to upgrade Enchantment in Skyrim
To fast and free to pump the skill Enchantment in Skyrim, use the textbooks. Start to search out the way of caves and other secluded places in search of useful books. So, this location is Whiterun to see the house Carlotta Valentia, and in locations Riften - the house called Medovik. In addition, the books on enchantment are on the locations Tresca Outpost and the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Finding the tutorial, just open it, and your Enchanting skill will increase significantly.
Another way to pump this skill – learn the spell soul Catcher and find or buy lots of cheap soul gems. Using the spell on the enemies, kill them, thereby filling the soul gems. In accordance with the number of filled stones, dial your unwanted jewelry and weapons.
Now on the table for enchantment combine soul gems and the selected items. Select the effect which they will have upon creation, and shall subject. Every object created by your Enchantment skill will increase, allowing you to do more powerful things, which, in turn, will boost this skill even more.
Quick, but expensive way to level Crafting in Skyrim is to find a teacher. For this look for the mages Guild (College of Winterhold) and talk with its inhabitants. In the course of the dialogue find out what they can teach you. Pay those magicians that can teach you the Enchantment, after which they will increase this skill your character.
Another way to develop the skill Enchantment – to find a lone magician who agrees to teach you. Pay him for the increase in skill. Then, using the skills of Stealth and Theft, steal from him paid by you for tuition money. Again, ask him to teach you and again awaruite. After the fifth time he won't be able to teach you.
If you don't want to spend on leveling the skills of money and time, just open the console by pressing the tilde ("~"). In the line type: "advskill Enchanting 100" and your skill Enchantment will instantly become the maximum value.

Advice 2: How to bleed the talents of the mage in wow

The talents in World of Warcraft is a difficult task for beginners, especially when it is necessary to properly allocate these talents playing for quite complex to master mage. The relevance of all now playing in the branch of Fire, these mages can fight back as players of an enemy faction, and creatures of the game world.
How to bleed the talents of the mage in wow
1 line of talent (here will be explained line by line to select talents how and why they were chosen).
Master of elements - this talent is useful in prolonged fighting without respite for a long time helps to keep attacking spells.Burning soul - of course you will choose a weak target and easy to kill. To prevent the interruption of spells, you should take this talent.2 row.
Ignition is a mandatory talent, one of the basics of the game for a mage of Fire.
Fire power - increases the effectiveness of the "Fire sphere" and increases your fire damage.
Shaking - as fire mage can boast of their damage over time spells, this talent will be very useful for distribution of such spells.3 string.
Blast - spell, good slows all targets in radius and deals nice damage for only 1 point of talent. Definitely take it.The path of fire - chance for instant "Fire block"! It is worth spending for the sake of 1 point talents.
Severe burns - if you have the mana, you can cast the spell "Burn", while mana recovers.4 string.
The fire - very painful beating the spell. You need fire mageM.
A bright path of fire - continuing the theme of "Path of fire".
The arsonist - "Burn" on the fly is sometimes very useful.5 string.
The searing pillar of fire - this talent gives us instant "pillar of Fire" + pronouncing it the same cost no mana under certain conditions.
Dragon's breath - we need to move towards latest abilities of the magician.
Red-hot fury - it helps in the last phase of the fight, when the enemy is below 35% health.6 string.
Critical mass is a very large increase in damage.
Pyromaniac - you can not take it if you are not going to hang on a few opponents with your spells.7 string.
Living bomb - first of all, this is the last talent, and secondly - a very powerful spell.
Total we have 8 talent points, and the question immediately arises where to distribute them, not to be mistaken with a choice?5 points we spend on the branch of arcane magic. Take the Winds of emptiness (3 talent) and arcane focus (talent 2)the Remaining 3 points in the talent Piercing ice in the branch of Ice.
This layout talents are not for battles with other players and battles with in-game creatures.

Advice 3: How to upgrade skills in Skyrim

The effectiveness of your character in the game Skyrim depends on his skill level. The higher the skill, the greater the likelihood that a committed player will be crowned with success. To pump the skills, you'll need a lot of time, effort and money, unless you use small tricks.
How to upgrade skills in Skyrim
To quickly upgrade the skill of Eloquence in Skyrim, after the start of the game as often as possible engage in dialogue with other characters. In conversation, try to select those replicas that are marked as a Conviction. With every successful use of your Persuasion skills will grow.
Another quick way to pump the skill, the Eloquence – send your hero to the location Riften. Then look for the Black rose tavern and talk to the owner – character Ungreened. In conversation ask him to tell you about Mawana Black rose, and when he refuses, use the replica of your character that are labeled as Belief. After that, your skill will increase Eloquence. Repeat this dialogue until, until you increase the skill of Eloquence to the desired value.
For leveling magic skills gain the following spells: Telekinesis, soul Catcher and muted steps. Go into the room with a bed and use the spell Telekinesis as long as your character never runs out of mana. Spend the night on the bed and again repeat the spell. Each time your skill will Change rapidly.
For pumping skill Witchcraft, kill any living creature and start to use a spell on him soul Catcher to increase this skill. For fast leveling skill Illusion, while driving constantly use the spell on itself, muting steps, the result of this will increase the corresponding skill.
To improve skills relating to weapons, take up the subject with the greatest damage. In the beginning of the game on quest For freedom run for his partner until until it stops. At this point, don't move on, and attack him. Your immortal companion would dutifully endure all the blows until you pumped the Weapon skill as you want.
To improve skills Wearing armor, stock up on healing potions and spells. Go to the forest and meet a weak enemy. Do not reply to his attack, only restore the health of your character when it reaches a critical level. With each attack of your opponent wearing the armor skill will increase.
To pump the skill Hacking and Theft, just unlock all the locks, which will be on the road and use the ability to Steal on the lonely figures in desolate alleys. The more locks you'll break and steal things, the faster will grow the skills of your character.

Advice 4: Where and how to buy a house in Skyrim

Computer game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the RPG genre is one of the most popular in the world. Despite the fact that it was published back in 2011, the number of fans is still growing. Not the last role in this is played open-world game and a linear plot that allows everyone to find something for everyone: you can even get married and buy property.
Where and how to buy a house in Skyrim
Skyrim does not require players strict adherence to the basic storyline, and it compares favorably with many other role-playing games. In principle, the player may not perform tasks related to the main plot, dealing instead with other things: the strengthening of authority in the Guild of assassins, hunting giants and dragons, enrichment or real estate investment.

Cheap houses

All in the game you can buy five houses located in most major cities of the country. The first one is called "the House of the warm winds, he is in Whiterun, where the hero leads the storyline. The right to purchase this house worth 5000 septims character receives after completing "Windy peak". The house is quite cozy, especially after all the improvements, which will cost another 1800 septims.

A little more will have to pay for the houses in the cities of Markarth and Riften. Each of the buildings is 8000 septims, but to earn the right to buy them, will have to make some effort. So, in Riften will need to provide services to several residents and stop the drug trade, and also to carry out the instructions of the Earl, concerning the bandits. As for Markarth, the housing here can only be purchased not being below level 20. In addition, you will need special merits before the steward of the city and its inhabitants.

Luxury real estate in Skyrim

In the Northern city of Windhelm is the largest house in the game called "Harem". To purchase possible, your hero will have to go through the side storyline of the civil war, by one of the parties, and perform the quest "Blood on ice". The house will cost 12 thousand septims, and all of the improvements – in 8 thousand.

Finally, the real estate in the capital city, Solitude, as in real life, is the most expensive. Mansion proudspire manor, located near the Imperial Palace, would cost 25000 septims, but in order fully to perfect, will have to spend another 11 thousand. For the money the player receives a three-storey house in which there is an alchemy lab, an enchantment table, a stand for armor, multiple bedrooms and a lot of chests. To purchase proudspire manor, running jobs of the townspeople, the Earl and the steward of solitude.

Each house provides its owner with the ability to safely store your belongings and a comfortable stay. In addition, some satellites can open up a shop. Also in addition to real estate acquired through official channels, you can get a space different guilds of Skyrim, becoming their head.

Advice 5: How to quickly earn money in skyrim

As in all RPGs, Skyrim can't do without money: good equipment, high-quality weapons, helpful potions are highly valued. But if you are looking for comfort: want to have your own house, quick access to alchemical apparatus or enchantment table, you will need a more impressive amount. Earn them in different ways, but for quick profit it is best to carry out repeatable quests: they are simple and short and bring a lot of gold.
How to quickly earn money in skyrim

Repeatable quests

Joining some Guild, a character gains the ability to not only complete the main quest to move up the career ladder, but from time to time to more demanding tasks related to the activities of the organization. For example, in the thieves Guild characters vex or Delvin Mallory are always willing to provide work, which basically consists of one small task – to steal something specific from the building or a person. By themselves, these quests are quickly bored, but bring excellent income, if you perform them regularly. Not only will you get a reward from the members of the Thieves Guild, but can take the opportunity to steal other valuables that they later sell. But to quickly earn this way money, you need to have a pretty high sneak skill.

About the same way you can mine gold, executing orders of the Dark Brotherhood – only in this case, you will have to kill people. In addition, for access to those jobs will have to first go through the main quest and become a Guild leader is Listening. To know the next target of the murder, need to talk to the Night Mother in the sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood under Anstrom. This method brings even more money, additionally, you will be given 20 thousand gold after completing the main quest of the organization. At the same time your hero will have access to expensive black soul gems.


Trade is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money in Skyrim. Do not hesitate to take in dungeons and ruins any, even the cheapest items: bottles, books, hats, shooting with animal skins, take from defeated enemies all the property. And of course don't forget about precious stones, bullion metals, weapons, and armor can all be found in any location. Gaining a decent amount of things, go to the nearest dealer. The more you sell, the faster increases your skill of eloquence, as a result, prices become more favorable. You can use a potion to increase a skill or to give charity (which is given the Gift of mercy, added at some time points of eloquence).

The opening of the store

To open his own shop after marriage. If you have a spouse at home, you can do business, which will bring one hundred gold coins every day. At the same time to do nothing – your significant other will take it in hands and you only need to regularly collect money.

There are many other ways to earn money in Skyrim: to devote himself to alchemy, to create potions and sell them; to enchant items, what their value is greatly increased; crafting weapons and armor, and also to sell.

Advice 6: Codes for Skyrim

Many of the players ever go in your favorite game to a standstill, could not pass the mission or task. Repeatedly passing the same quest and in the end failing him, involuntarily start to think about implementing codes that will ease the job, increase strength and endurance, give invulnerability, will unlock additional weapons and items. Some secret passages are useful for a variety of games, some for full modification.
elder scrolls skyrim коды

To enter the code you must open the console by pressing "tilde" and enter the following values:

  • tgm — this code will enable invulnerability;
  • tcl code will help you to pass through walls;
  • tmm 1 code will open a map of the whole world;
  • killall — when you enter this code you'll kill all your friends and enemies in sight;
  • psb code will reveal all spells and talents;
  • advlevel — code will increase the hero's level, but will not add points to the player.;
  • tfc is designed to enable "free" camera;
  • tdetect — this code will allow the player to carry out a theft and not get any consequences for it;
  • tcai — the code will disable and enable of artificial intelligence. After you enter all stop fighting;
  • set the timescale to 0 — code is used to stop time. If instead of 0, enter 10000, then the day will last for a few seconds;
  • SexChange code will change your gender to the other, while the voice and face of the character will not change.
  • Showracemenu — this secret code will open the window of creating character, where it is possible to change: race, gender, appearance and name of the hero. In the initial versions of the game level dropped to 1 and all pumped skills declined prior to kickoff, but in the version after the introduction of this code, the level will remain the way it was;
  • player.setav invisibility 1 code will allow you to be invisible. After you enter it, you will become invisible to enemies, but friends, too, will stop to see you. To disable invisibility instead of 1, enter 0.

Cheats Skyrim that can increase the performance on a certain number of times:

  • player.modav carryweight X — code is able to increase the maximum weight carried by character X units;
  • player.setav speedmult X — code will increase the speed of movement of X%;
  • player.setscale X — code will give an increase in the growth of the hero, where X: 1 — 100%, 2 — 200% etc.;
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin 100 — this code will increase the height of jumps to 100%.
  • player.setav Health X — code sets the maximum number of lives in the X units;
  • player.setav Magicka X — code sets the maximum amount of magic into X units;
  • player.setav Stamina X — code will set the maximum number of reserve forces in the X units;
  • player.setav attackdamagemult N — this code will increase the weapon damage N times;
  • player.setav leftweaponspeedmult N — this code will increase the attack speed of the weapon from left hand to N times;
  • player.setav weaponspeedmult N — code will increase the attack speed of the weapon from the right hand to N times;
  • player.setav LeftitemCharge N — code charging the weapon from the left hand for N charges;
  • player.setav RightitemCharge N — code charging the weapon from the right hand, for N charges;
  • player.additem 0000000F N — code will get N gold.
  • player.additem 0000000A N — code will give the player the N keys;
  • player.setcrimegold 0 — code will remove the bounty on the hero.

Skyrim cheats for transformation and teleportation:

  • player.addspell 00092C48 — this code will turn the hero into a werewolf, and to use such talent will need to press the z key.To cancel such a transformation is impossible, but the reverse transformation happens over time itself;
  • player.addspell 000B8780 — this secret code will allow you to become a vampire. But this code has one flaw, the hero begins to develop the disease "Sanguinare, Vampiric". After three days the hero has a 10-20% chance of becoming a vampire. If after applying this code after three days in the "Magic" will be "Vulnerability to fire" — the hero became a vampire;
  • player.removespell 000B8780 — code will cure him from illness "Sanguinare, Vampiric" that appears after the bite. After the hero fully became a vampire, this code will not work;
  • setstage 000EAFD5 10 — this code will save the character from vampirism. Code always gets rid of vampirism, but it works only 1 time, as healing happens at the end of the quest;
  • player.moveto [ID] code allows you to teleport to any object or character;
  • coc qasmoke – code moves to the test location. In this location you can find all the items and devices that will help in the production of different items.

Codes Skyrim to restore health, magic and strength:

  • player.additem 00039BE5100 — upon entering the code the hero's health is restored to 100 units;
  • player.additem 00039BE7100 — upon entering the code magic hero will recover 100 units;
  • player.additem 00039CF3100 — when you enter the code, the reserve forces of the hero will rise by 100 units.

Cheats for game Skyrim to receive potions:

  • player.additem 00073F34100 — code to get 100 potions "Deadly poison" that causes the opponent to 65 points of damage or poison;
  • player.additem 00039D12100 — this code adds 100 potions Elixir of the enchanter";
  • player.additem 00039967100 — this code gives the hero 100 potion "the Elixir of the blacksmith".

Codes Skyrim souls:

  • player.additem 0002E4F450 code gives the hero 50 large empty soul gems;
  • player.additem 0002E4FB50 code gives the hero 50 large stones shower;
  • player.additem 0002E4FC50 — this code adds character 50 Grand empty soul gems;
  • player.additem 0002E4FF50 — this code adds character 50 Grand soul gems;
  • player.additem 0002E50050 — this code gives 50 black soul gems.

Cheats Skyrim arrows and stars:

  • player.additem 00063B2750 code adds in a backpack 50 stars Azura;
  • player.additem 00063B2950 code gives 50 black star of Azura;
  • player.additem 0003834170 code gives 70 Falmer arrows;
  • player.additem 0003418270 code gives 70 ancient Nord arrows.
  • player.additem 00020F0270 code gives 70 rusty iron arrows;
  • player.additem 00020DDF70 code gives 70 iron arrows;
  • player.additem 000139C070 code gives 70 Daedric arrows;
  • player.additem 000139BF70 code gives 70 ebony arrows.
  • player.additem 000139BE70 code gives 70 glass arrows;
  • player.additem 000139BD70 code gives 70 elven arrows.
  • player.additem 0001397F70 code gives 70 steel arrows.
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