You will need
  • - computer,
  • - World of Warcraft.
In order to learn the trade, visit one of the trainers in any capital city of Azeroth and learn of the Imposition of enchantment.To raise a skill to 50 points, spray the green stuff is the easiest way that doesn't waste ingredients.After reaching 50 learn to Overlap the spell (Journeyman). The coach will teach you the recipe "enchant Bracer: health. You need to make 40 of these items, you will raise the skill up to 90. Then we will look at "enchant Bracer: stamina and raise your skill to 100. To do this you need 30 items of the "Strange dust".Then take a look at the auction, if you find "Strange dust" at a low price, then buy it and raise your skill up to 120. If the item is not cheap, with a prescription of "Big magic wand", bleed skill up to 110.
Visit the Clawed mountain, if you are a representative of the Horde / Ashenvale, if your character belongs to the Alliance. Buy from sellers recipe "Formula of enchantmentto Bracers: strength II. With this recipe raise your skill to 135.Go back to the coach in one of the capitals and learn in the Imposition of enchantment (Craftsman). Make 20 items "enchant Bracer: stamina II" 40 items "enchant Bracer: strength II, you raise your skill up to 165.
Waterproof 20 "enchant Bracer: spirit III" and 15 "enchant Bracer: strength III (the recipes have a coach), your skill will rise to 185.The coach will teach you the Imposing char (Artisan). Using recipes enchant Bracer: strength III" and "enchant cloak: defense II" bleed skill to 245. Next you will need bought from coach recipes "Easy oil mana" and "Spell shield - endurance IV. Making the required number of items, you will raise the skill to 285.If any of the ingredients, buy them at auction. Don't forget to spray the green and blue things, this will save you a large amount of gold.
To raise the skill up to 290 go to the location of the External Land, we'll learn the Imposition of enchantment (Wizard). In Moonglade you will find the character of Lorelei, she has the necessary recipes "enchant cloak: protection III" and "Runic arcanity rod." Raise the skill up to 310, thencharuyte 13 times "enchant gloves: assault I" 10 times and "enchant shield - stamina V" (buy the recipe from the character "Madame ruby" in shattrat).To raise the skill up to 350 prepare the right amount of "Superior wizard oil".
Then go to Northrend, trained in Imposition char (Grand master).At this stage, you need to buy all the recipes from the trainer and forthe spellto ovifat items to raise the skill up to 430, you'll need about 500 items of "Absolute dust. At this stage, the pumping of the profession becomes really expensive.
Buy recipe "enchant gloves: gunsmith" the character Vanessa sellers in Dalaran andcharuyte 10 items (you'll need 80 items of "Eternal earth" and 20 "Splinter dreams")
To raise the skill to the maximum value you buy 5 "Charms for shoes - the storm II.You've explored the profession , the Imposition of charms!