Use the services online services that process the text and format it to you as it should. You will need to enter text into the box and you will get the result: strikethrough text. But, unfortunately, lately this method to transform the text in strikethrough in the social network does not always work.
Install the special app "Vkontakte" (e.g., "Editor status"). Using the capabilities of this mini-program, you will be able to edit their statuses, replacing the words beautiful symbols and to do strikethrough text.
To install the application, navigate to the appropriate tab in the main menu "Vkontakte" and in the search bar, type "text editor" or "text". From the extracted list, select the app and install it on your page.
Go to the app in the appropriate field and enter text, then select the function "strikethrough text" and click "finish". The result will be reflected in your status.
Use wiki markup if you want to make strikethrough text in your community "Vkontakte". Wiki markup is a simplified analog of the HTML code on the basis of social network.
To turn in your community wiki mode, go to "community Management" and select "Open" in the tab "Information" in front of the parameter. Go to the main page of your group, or public. If you hover the mouse cursor over the description appears under the link "latest news", will feature "Edit".
Click this button to open the editor in the upper right corner enable wiki-mode. Then type in the text you want to have strikethrough, enclose it in tags <strike> and </strike>. Save and view the result on the main page by clicking on the link latest news. Thus, after reviewing the wiki-markup, you can make strikeout text, but format it as you wish for any newly created community page.