Pay attention to the left hand. Located in the middle of the three major lines, the intersection forms a triangle. This figure has great information about its owner. Smooth, clear, deep lines telling you about the good health and long life.
Determination of duration of life could also be identified by the small triangle. Look at his hand, the small triangle is inside the large, not all hands can be seen. But if you have it is a good sign, meaning harmonious, happy life.
Be careful. Jagged lines, with different forks, subprocesses line or lines that are not connected and do not form a triangle, bear the bad information. It primarily means a short duration of life or serious illness. Correct lines signify longevity and prosperity. The level of your long and successful life depends on the severity of the lines. If the lines are not visible, they are dull and blurry - it is an indicator of health problems.
If you pay your attention to the rectangle in the center of the palm, you will be able to determine your way of life, which affects its duration. If the rectangle is extended to the hill of Jupiter, you are a very kind person, you have in life, all are better than ever, you Shine with good health. If the quadrangle, on the contrary, it looks wrong, then its owner is a weak, cruel, selfish and disturbed person.
To determine duration of life of a person can also use a scale bar. Determine the age based on the length of the line of head, heart and fate. For example, the head line ends in 65-m to year of life, the fate of the 60-m head – 70-m years of life.
Then add up the obtained results, which were measured with a ruler. For example, 60+65+70=195 and divide that number by the number of lines (3): 195/3=65Это number will be the average duration of life of a person.