You will need
    • cheese;
    • wooden box or a ceramic plate;
    • milk or water.
Soak the cheese according to an ancient recipe. Sealed in a flat wooden box pour goat (ideal) or pasteurized skim milk, previously heated to 32-34 degrees thoroughly washed pottery. Omit the cheese and allow the milk to soak it.
Add rennet, which is necessary to insist. Rennet is a complex organic substance which is produced by the stomach of a newborn calf. Comes in powder form white or light gray in color and odorless. Buy may in pharmacies.
Shake the box and close the lid. On top just add a shawl or blanket. Put cheese in a warm dark place for a day or two.
Modern Housewives can soak the cheese in water. Pour into the container of warm boiled water and put salt in it. Cover and leave for 6-8 hours. During this time the cheese will give all the salt and become much softer. Never use to soak metal container, prefer the ceramics or plastic.
Please note, pour the cheese boiling water in any case should not, as it coagulates the protein, lost fat, not easily excreted salt, decreases the nutritional value of cheese, impairing the taste. Due to its severity of the cheese are contraindicated for people with diseases of the circulatory system, liver, pancreas and kidneys.
Cheese goes on sale after 20 days, and sometimes after two months of soaking in brine, due to which it becomes spicy and salty. If the edges of the cheese a little dry, so she went on sale for a long time, and, of course, has lost much of its nutrients. Unlike most cheeses its surface is not brown because of fat, which is an indicator of taste and utility, should be not less than 40%.