Advice 1: What suicides

Very often the benefits for the development of speed endurance, Dating advice to use as a basic exercise Shuttle run. Regular classes Shuttle runom meet in the training plans, basketball, parkour free runners, boxers. Even among the sporting regulations, which the soldiers pass, you can see the "Shuttle run 4x100 m. What is Shuttle run and why it is so common in the training programs of various athletes?
What suicides
The Shuttle run is a training runand during which the sportsman repeatedly passes the same short distance. The movement of the athlete imitate the movements of a weaving Shuttle in forward and reverse direction several times. Hence, the appropriate name for this run, lateral exercises.As a rule, the length of the distance for the Shuttle runand not exceed 100 meters. Every time you reach the end of the race, the athlete must touch the leg finish line or around an obstacle.The Shuttle run is often used in physical education classes at school, especially when there is no possibility of the conditions for runningat 60 - and 100-meter distance. This kind of runningand like to use organizers of various competitions of type "Cheerful starts" or "Mom, dad, I – sporting family". It's no wonder athletes go the distance very fast, exciting, with plenty of stops and turns. Although the sharp turns and change of motion at the ends of the race doing the Shuttle run , the most traumatic runish exercise.Start the Shuttle runand can be low or high. However, starting blocks, which are mandatory for the sprint disciplines, in the Shuttle rune do not apply. Awesome start to the Shuttle rune similar to start skating: jump leg maximally stressed out, flapping behind me on the toe with a slight turn. Fast start is a key success factor in the Shuttle runthat is for developing starting speed used this kind of runningand training JoggingUNOV-sprinters.To develop the maximum speed in the Shuttle rune, the technique of course should be the same as in rune short run: running on the toes, high cadence, high lifting hips. But the speed in this runthe new discipline - is not important. It is very important to develop the dexterity to pass the finish segment and turns with minimum losses. Development stopping step, which performs an athlete before the turn required in such disciplines as basketball, football, handball. Explosive shock quality of the feet is a necessary skill of a good boxer.Finish in the Shuttle rune is no different from the finish on the street. On the final leg of the course, the athlete tries to develop the maximum speed and run the finish line with the greatest acceleration. Don't try to finish throwing the body forward, as do experienced athletes. For this you must have very good coordination of the body. Just finished doing the speed limit.Shuttle run – this is a very serious burden on the body, so as not to get injured joints or muscles during these exercises, it is necessary to have a good runowou training. Thus, the Shuttle run is one of the best runningoriented exercises for developing starting speed, agility, finishing spurt. Practicing this kind of runningand help to develop coordination, improve your speed, to learn how to distribute forces at a distance.

Advice 2: How to coach football

Football is the most popular sport on earth. Play he loves a great number of people, however, about how to improve soccer technique and physical characteristics of the players don't know everything. If you are interested in this information, you can find it in this article.
How to coach football
Define the training plan. Decide how many workouts per week and how long they will last. Standard Amateur football team conducted three training sessions a week lasting 2-2. 5 hours. To hold them better in the late afternoon, in 17-19 hours, when it is very hot.
Once a week is usually held the game, but instead you can arrange a cross or a trip to the sauna.
Preheat your team. The initial phase of training begins with warm-up. Players take the ball and run around the field. Running round, players have to run without the ball, making the turns of the body.
After warming up the players for 5 minutes do stretching. Note the stretching of the groin, Shin and ankle.
Send command to running exercises without the ball. Hold relay races, Shuttle run. Train jerks on the field.
Do running exercises with the ball. Put chips and let the players're just going round with the ball, then increasing, then decreasing the tempo of your run.
Do other exercises with the ball. Exercises in the squares and the strikes on target – a required element of training exercises.
Also, you should work out the bumps from the standard position, hitting with a pass, shed from the flanks and strikes the ball with his head.
To finish the basic part of the exercise is a bilateral game and stretching.
Train technique and tactics. Every workout should practice the technique, for example, pass "cheek" or hit "rise."
Let us match practice to the players. Without game practice workout will not be as effective, so try to give each player at least a little time to get on the field.

Advice 3: How to run fast a sprint

A quick sprint is called the sprint. The distance is one hundred meters Sprinter requires maximum concentration, huge effort and will. But some strong-willed qualities for fast running is not always enough. Also needed is a running technique that cannot be supplied without laborious training work.
How to run fast a sprint
You will need
  • - Jogging track (athletics stadium);
  • - sports clothing and shoes.
Learn correct technique sprint races. While running a hundred meters his knees need to be lifted high and move their arms as quickly as possible. To build when running with toe of the foot, and at the moment of landing should be placed on the ground heel first and then roll onto your toe. The case at the beginning of the movement should be tilted forward. Very much in the sprint race depends on the consistency of the work of the hands and feet.
Include in the training plan short races. To develop speed and speed endurance, you need several times a day to run the distance in 30, 50 and 100 meters. Regularly also a Shuttle run, which involves overcoming a ten-meter distance, followed by a sharp change of direction on the reverse.
Learn how to take the start. On the short term success is defined by the fractions of a second. It is very important to go from the starting position at the exact moment the referee's signal. It is only for a moment to linger, as you will far behind from the main group starting. An early start is also not welcome, since in this case the race shall be deemed invalid. Repeated start always unnerving athletes and reduces the results.
Perform regular exercises to develop leg muscles. These can be squats on two legs, jumping up the stairs, jumping from the squat. Once a week is recommended to visit the gym and pay attention to the exercises for strength muscles of the thigh and lower leg. However, to get involved in athletic gymnastics Sprinter should not be, because excessive increase in muscle mass constrains the movement when running.
Record in the diary of performed training work and its results. Without such control it will be difficult to trace how far you have progressed in mastering the art of running a hundred meters. This diary will allow you to adjust the load and give the opportunity to plan the training process for each calendar year.
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