The Shuttle run is a training runand during which the sportsman repeatedly passes the same short distance. The movement of the athlete imitate the movements of a weaving Shuttle in forward and reverse direction several times. Hence, the appropriate name for this run, lateral exercises.As a rule, the length of the distance for the Shuttle runand not exceed 100 meters. Every time you reach the end of the race, the athlete must touch the leg finish line or around an obstacle.The Shuttle run is often used in physical education classes at school, especially when there is no possibility of the conditions for runningat 60 - and 100-meter distance. This kind of runningand like to use organizers of various competitions of type "Cheerful starts" or "Mom, dad, I – sporting family". It's no wonder athletes go the distance very fast, exciting, with plenty of stops and turns. Although the sharp turns and change of motion at the ends of the race doing the Shuttle run , the most traumatic runish exercise.Start the Shuttle runand can be low or high. However, starting blocks, which are mandatory for the sprint disciplines, in the Shuttle rune do not apply. Awesome start to the Shuttle rune similar to start skating: jump leg maximally stressed out, flapping behind me on the toe with a slight turn. Fast start is a key success factor in the Shuttle runthat is for developing starting speed used this kind of runningand training JoggingUNOV-sprinters.To develop the maximum speed in the Shuttle rune, the technique of course should be the same as in rune short run: running on the toes, high cadence, high lifting hips. But the speed in this runthe new discipline - is not important. It is very important to develop the dexterity to pass the finish segment and turns with minimum losses. Development stopping step, which performs an athlete before the turn required in such disciplines as basketball, football, handball. Explosive shock quality of the feet is a necessary skill of a good boxer.Finish in the Shuttle rune is no different from the finish on the street. On the final leg of the course, the athlete tries to develop the maximum speed and run the finish line with the greatest acceleration. Don't try to finish throwing the body forward, as do experienced athletes. For this you must have very good coordination of the body. Just finished doing the speed limit.Shuttle run – this is a very serious burden on the body, so as not to get injured joints or muscles during these exercises, it is necessary to have a good runowou training. Thus, the Shuttle run is one of the best runningoriented exercises for developing starting speed, agility, finishing spurt. Practicing this kind of runningand help to develop coordination, improve your speed, to learn how to distribute forces at a distance.