Well spent first salary to create a life of prosperity

First salary – a pleasant and memorable event. Because, as a rule, to fill our lives with material goods for everyone. This requires the ability to earn, accumulate and multiply funds. Typically, receiving the first paycheck is associated with a step that made the man on the path to a life filled with abundance.

Currently, the topic of augmenting its own funds, as well as attracting them from various sources, very relevant. In the Internet there are many laws and techniques associated with the augmentation of money.

Most of the existing rules and laws, which tell about how to spend wages, share common features. So there are a few recommendations on the topic: "How to spend your first salary?". These laws are recommendatory in nature, because people use them disagree. Some of them really believe that spending your first paycheck right, observing certain rules, the salary employee will get easy and the money will come in regularly.
First salary can ask spirit to all the way to wealth and prosperity. Having studied the laws of augmenting existing cash resources, man is able to get rich to the desired level.

Recommendations for the first distribution of wages into separate parts

First, 10% from the first salary received must be deferred and not to spend. All subsequent wages, you must also set aside 10% to the already accumulated amount.

It is possible that at the end of the year, such savings will allow you to go to a long-awaited vacation or will be the initial capital for an expensive purchase. It is important to have a specific goal, such as: "Buy a car", "Buy apartment" and others. The first salary in this case will be the beginning to achieve the desired.

Ideally, these savings will help to follow not only the path to a secure life, but also help out in case of unforeseen expenses. Free cash help you to feel calmer and more confident in terms of instability and continuous change. It is also possible that to increase funds work, investing savings in business.

From 2% to 5% will be donate to charity, thus by running the positive energy of money.
Learning to manage money energy, people will be able to attract riches and wealth.
Money spent on the doing of good deeds, be returned multiplied. Of course in this case the main rule of the donations: "Donations to charity should be a selfless intentions."

Most of the first salary, around 60%, should be allocated to the compulsory monthly payments: payment for utilities and other services, payment for travel, meals, clothing.

From 15% to 20% should be spent on gifts for loved ones or yourself. So will have an incentive to earn money. And the work will seem endless routine pastime, a pleasant necessity that helps to buy your favorite things and give gifts to loved ones.