If you assign patient the drug prednisone as a therapy in cases of severe osteoporosis, developed peptic ulcer disease, poliomyelitis and myopathies, you need to clearly assess the severity of the disease and to determine the time necessary for the introduction of this drug. First, introduce the patient an initial high dose of prednisone, determined individually in accordance with the effectiveness of therapy, readings and General condition of the patient. It does not exceed the maximum daily dose of prednisolone 200 milligrams, in most cases, the allowable dose for adults is 5 to 60 mg/day.
For children, the dose of prednisone set on the basis of body weight, the total amount of the used medication should not exceed 0.14 mg/kg of body weight of the child per day and the daily dose fall in equal installments in three or four divided doses, preferably after equal intervals of time. In plasma the maximum concentration of prednisolone is achieved through two hours after entering, and after 3.5 hours the half-life, so maintain a desired concentration of the drug in the patient's blood. Recommendations on how to reduce prednisolone, affect already the second week of use, as taking prednisone tablets or injection not stop abruptly.
First, to the patient after the cessation of prednisolone therapy did not develop renal failure, after a week of injection reduce dose to 20% or more. Then, by the end of the second week of using this glucocorticoid drug, to reduce the dose of prednisone per day for 2-3 milligrams. So daily for 7-10 days enter the patient the drug in smaller amounts until the complete cessation of the use of prednisolone.
Secondly, in the case where the patient requires long-term treatment with glucocorticoid drug, dose reduction of prednisolone in the second week of its use will only decrease levels of drug in the blood plasma. If necessary, prolonged therapy with prednisolone for children under the age of fourteen, realize intermittent injection – in the first three days of therapy to enter the patient's full daily doses of prednisone, then take a break to use the drug for four days, and then continue to enter the medication, but in a reduced dose.