You will need
  • program UltraISO.
To edit an image disk applications. One of the best of its kind programme called UltraISO. Download it from the Internet and install it on the hard disk of the computer. In this case you must consider the version of your OS and its bitness. UltraISO is a paid app but has a trial period of use.
Run the program. After first launch you will be asked to purchase UltraISO. In this window, select "Trial period", which opens the main menu. You can now start editing the image. First you need to select the object to edit, which in the upper left corner of the program click "File", then select "Open".
Using the browse specify the path to the ISO image. Select it by left-click of the mouse. Then from the bottom of the window, click "Open". The browse window will close. Now you will see that in the upper right window of the program displays a list of all files of the chosen image.
To remove unnecessary file from the disk image, click the right button of the mouse. A context menu will appear. In this menu, select "Delete". In this window you can view and rename files. If you are in doubt, whether the file you want to delete just the shortcut menu, select "View" to change the name of the object - Rename.
To add files to the disk image, click in the menu "Action". Then in the actions list, click "Add files". Using the browse specify the path to the file you want to add. Then select it by left-clicking the mouse, then from the bottom of the overview window click "Open". The file will be added to the image.
To save the image, click "File". If you select "Save as" will store its modified copy. If you press "Save", respectively, save the changes to the original image.