You will need
  • - decoupage card
  • - decoupage napkin
  • - canvas
  • - PVA glue
  • - acrylic lacquer
  • - acrylic paint
  • - the contours
  • - water
  • - brush
To make decoupage on canvas, we'll need decoupage napkin decoupage or card and canvas. It zagruntovanny fabric, which is sold on cardboard or on a stretcher. Both of these options come in different sizes. Depending on that we will use for decoupage - decoupage card, or a napkin, we will pick up and the size of the canvas.
If we use rice decoupage card will work in the following order. First, gently truncate edge decoupage card, then put it in water for a few minutes. Doing decoupage on canvas, to overdo it in water, as the rice map are very thin and can break from water. Then put it on canvas and draw on top of PVA glue , diluted half with water. You can retreat from the edge a few inches to make the simulation of the Mat. Cotton cloth gently press the card to the canvas and waiting for complete drying. After you apply the acrylic nail, acrylic paints and contours emphasize the color. Contour can be applied dry with a flat brush. Ready-made decoupage on canvas covered with several layers of acrylic lacquer.
If we use a napkin for decoupage work in the following order. Swipe detachable from the top layer, which will work. On the canvas, pour a little glue with water. The napkin is placed on top and smoothing wrinkles, glue to the canvas. Decoupage on canvas is easier to do than on a tree or on a plate. Then act like you would with decoupage card. Apply acrylic lacquer, then do the drawing with acrylic paints again and apply layers of varnish. Do not forget, after each application of paint or varnish to completely dry the layer before proceeding to the next stage.