You will need
  • - stretching of different diameters
  • - decorations in the form of a tunnel or plug
  • - alcohol for wound treatment
First, find a good piercing parlor and consult a professional. Then he will pierce a hole in the ear and insert the earring you need to wear up healing by applying alcohol.
When the hole heals, insert the banner into the hole. Stretch choose from plastic, as wooden may lead to suppuration.
The most important thing now is to take the time to stretch ear lobes to larger sizes, so to start it is recommended to use a streamer with a diameter not exceeding 3 mm. Daily turn stretching in the earlobe, gently put on. Avoid pain, the slower you will stretch the tunnel, the smoother it will become.
Once you expand the hole in the lobe up to 3mm, insert the tunnel or plug with the same diameter. Wear it for about a week, give ear to get used to and relax.
If you want to increase the diameter of the tunnel, then a week later insert into the hole stretching larger and pull in the same way. Remember that in this case it is important gradualism and caution.
If you can't wait and want to get the tunnel right now, an hour later you do it in any tattoo and piercing parlor. The "fast" tunnel is quite painful and is not as safe as method of stretching.

You will either make an incision in the lobe and inserted to the plug, or cut out with a scalpel of the lobe under the tunnel.

Personlity advise to stretch gradually, but if I wanted instant results, know the tunnels obtained surgically, not pulled together after removing the jewelry, and the healing process it could get infected.