It should be noted that to avoid problems with breastYu after feeding , if you can take care of it even during pregnancy. First of all, pregnant and nursing should wear high-quality underwear designed specifically for them, not regular bras. In addition, you can perform simple exercises for the muscles of the chest and use special creams against stretch marks.
After feeding the chestu need to start working on her shape and skin condition. To tighten the chest will help simple exercises. For example, you can reduce your palms at chest level (as in praying), raise the elbows and start with the power push hands with each other, and then relax the muscles. You can also concatenate interlock your fingers and stretch hands in the parties. You need to do two or three sets of 20-30 repetitions because the exercises need to be intense.
To return to the breast can also help push UPS, but it is important to take the correct initial position to swing not the hands, namely the pectoral muscles. Place your feet on something elevated so that the head was below the level of the stop when you put your palms on the floor. Now do some push-UPS and see which muscles you tense up. If you feel any strain in the hands, move them closer to the head and spread to the sides. You can also change the position of the hands, directing fingers apart or towards each other. Find that will tighten the chest muscles and do 15 pushups. Then relax and repeat once or twice.
You can try to do the exercises for pectoral muscles with small dumbbells. Take them in your hands, put your elbows to the stomach, but not in Boca, and do lifting, 20-25 reps. Another exercise with weights you need to perform: stand straight with hands at his sides. Slowly raise the straight arms to the side, linger in the moment of highest tension of the muscles, and then lower your arms. Repeat for 20-30 reps.
To restore the elasticity of the skin, you can use special creams and cosmetic masks containing cucumber juice, honey, egg or clay. Along with this is useful daily use of scrubs and tough sponges or brushes that will make the skin tighter and get rid of stretch marks. Good influence on the skin of the breast rubbing and patting stimulating blood flow.
Watch your diet. Refrain from salty foods and drink at least two liters of pure water per day. This will help to make your skin elastic. Drink special vitamin complexes. Include in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. They are rich in fiber, which cleans the body and eliminates toxins. This diet, combined with proper body care and exercise, not only will restore your Breasts, but will also help to lose weight and improve the health of skin, nails and hair.