Click "start" and go to "Run". In the open box, type cmd, and press Enter. Type in the menu that appears, type ipconfig /all and write down the MAC address of the desired network card. Enter a value in the above table.
Clear the menu item "Routing table" or Route Table that are associated with computerom. Make sure that your PC is enabled NAT. Save the settings of the router.
Now check the settings of the computer. First, be sure to disable third-party programs that control network traffic. This can be a utility Outpost Firewall or similar. Now turn off the service "Windows Firewall". As practice shows, to configure it yourself very difficult, and the effect of her work is too little.
Open the start menu and navigate to control panel. Locate and open the "administrative tools" which is located under "System and security". Open "Services". Locate the service "Windows Firewall", click the right mouse button and select "Stop". Now open its properties and set "startup Type" setting to Disabled.
Check the settings of the network adapter. Make sure that the specified IP address is in the valid area. Try changing the value to one of the network computers, after turning off the second PC. Restart the computer and try to access network resources.