To make your first workbook alone will not work, it makes the employer when applying for a job. According to the law, for registration of employment record is available up to 5 working days, during this time the employee can terminate the employment contract. In the case of dismissal the employee receives his service book in his hands.
This document is recorded the official work experience, current position and term on it as well as all possible movements of the worker on the career ladder within the company, increase or demotion. In the work book provides information about the education of the man and his profession. All entries are made exclusively in full, abbreviations are not acceptable.
With the possible loss of employment record you should immediately contact the last organization where you worked officially, and provide back a written statement. In the next two weeks, the employer must give you hands on a duplicate employment record that will contain all the data about the official experience, and possible awarding. To issue a duplicate after the loss of employment record will need to provide a number of supporting original documents such as orders on employment and dismissal, employment contracts and others.
Upon reaching the retirement age, employment history can be provided by the employee to the pension Fund of the Russian Federation. After the calculation of the seniority of the person charged the appropriate pension.