The rules provide independent strikethrough the required number of digits, depending on the form of sports lottery. The player who guessed all numbers. They say that the sports lottery game winning in any case. In the sense that the revenue from it goes to the development of sport in Russia.As experts say, opportunities to win have exactly as much to lose, 50-50. And yet, in the sports lottery play. Cross out the numbers and worry when you drop the wrong balls.
And have developed a whole category of people who invented their system of play in Sportloto. There are various scientific studies that on the basis of mathematical analysis identify the most often occurring number combinations.
Avid players insist that you have to play on the system. But the system develops each his own. The most common is system favorite numbers. The player chooses several numbers from his point of view, the most suitable for the game, is of all the permutations and continuously crossed out in the ticket.
Won't disappoint the players, but the theory of probability, in such a system, the chance of winning is not increased. But don't fall. Again half and half.
Recently in Russia, one player has won the jackpot in the lottery. However, he spent 10K on it. rubles. I bought the tickets, put down the number (this is how much time it took!) and won.
Well, I think if you spend on tickets sports lottery the same amount, then the possibility of winning will increase many times. In the meantime, if you believe in your luck, go to the nearest ticket sales , sports lottery, buy a ticket, cross out the numbers and wait for the nearest draw on television.