Inability to properly Express their emotions creates a lot of problems. If the person is closed to communication, he hides his feelings, then it is considered closed, some suspicion arises that the source is hiding something, not telling. This leads to the fact that communication is interrupted, the person is left alone. To learn to Express their emotions, it is necessary to perform simple rules.
Express your feelings in the dialogue with a partner. If the person did you a good deed or say kind words of your address, do not hesitate to thank him for it. Speak frankly, to Express the feelings that you experience in the shower. Don't let it be a simple "Thank you" and a more expanded expression: "How nice to receive from you this gift", "You're a wonderful cook," etc.
Reinforce their words with action, intonation, posture, facial expressions. If you are with a straight face utter the words of gratitude, the person develops a not very flattering impression of you. And the words spoken with a warm genuine smile, will leave a good mark on his soul. In the future, he will be happy to provide you another service.
Vygovarival what you feel in conversation with a partner. Clamped and you feel a strong emotion, say so: "I'm worried, do not know how to begin. The normal source always will support you, will give you the opportunity to calm down.
Negative emotions also impossible to hide, they need to Express. If you don't like something in the behavior of the partner, tell him about it. Do not be silent and offended. Maybe people do not understand what exactly does not suit you.
Don't postpone the showdown for later, don't collect their grievances. This could lead not only to deterioration of relations, but also affect the physical condition. Remember, the longer you accumulate the aggression in itself, the more it then extends to the partner. Perhaps after such an explosion of accumulated emotions, you will not be able to restore normal relations.