You will need
  • - bleach;
  • - cleaning of carpets;
  • - air freshener.
Remember the last time I did the repair of your family elders. If a very long time, and you can't even remember when, and get rid of the smell is to glue Wallpaper, paint the Windows and floors. Usually after that the smell stops bothering.
But one room repair is clearly not enough. Dilute some bleach in water and wash all cabinets, nightstands and wardrobes on all sides. Things also need to wash again, because they've had time to absorb all unpleasant odors. Dry linen in the street, at the same time, it also will erode.
Guide the treatment of all carpeting in the house. Preferably wash them outside with a powder or give the flooring dry. If this is not possible, by any means). Dissolve it in water, apply the foam on the carpet and carefully RUB. Allow the product to dry and vacuum it on both sides.
Don't forget to spend "audit" all of the kitchen cabinets, throw out all the junk and spoiled food. Pour grits in new bags and tie. Cabinets be sure to treat with a solution of bleach and only then play everything in its place.
Ventilate the room several times a day, and in the warm time of the year to keep open a vent or window. Help and air with function of ionization, it is somewhat refreshing premise and does not allow air to stagnate.
Get an air freshener, preferably an automatic. As modern aerosols not only knock down the odor, but eliminate it in your home will be pleasant aroma and comfort.
And of course, clean, and old smell will leave your house. Also help the elderly to perform personal hygiene procedures and wash their clothes regularly, because it is difficult for them to do everything yourself. Be patient with the elderly.