Advice 1: How to calculate the share of sales

In trade and services frequently used indicator "percentage of sales", which best describes the situation of a particular company on the market. The term has another name – specific weight. The second option is considered more accurate and therefore most often used in the field of Economics.
How to calculate the share of sales
Assess the scope of work. The share of sales represents the percentage ratio, the calculation which can be made both generally, and within individual enterprises. If we consider, for example, a retail store, it is an indicator commonly used to evaluate the competitive environment, and is also used as a value comparison, sales of product groups in the assortment list.
Prepare the necessary information. The main used sources were the internal records of the financial and economic activities, as well as information from official statistical compilations. Remember that the correctness of the calculations depends on the availability of reliable data. Therefore, it should not be based on unverified information from the first Internet site.
Use the formula:y = v1/v2*100,where y is the proportion (in %);v1 – compare the indicator (i.e. the share for which you want to find);v2 – the value with which it is compared.For example, if you want to know the specific weight of a specific product unit store, then it is necessary to correlate the amount of the selected goods to the trade in General.
Indicate interest calculation parameters. There are different variations to find the share of sales, their choice depends on the purpose of its analysis. Thus, the specific weight can be defined:• In current and comparable prices (in the first case a reference point are accepted the real value of the goods for which they are being implemented in the second – price is excluding allowances);• At different time intervals (as the most popular use year, quarter, month, but other options are possible);• In relation to the last or base period;• On the basis of internal and external information.

Advice 2: How to calculate the value of the share

The simplest way of calculating the share seems to make it proportional to the total market value of the apartment if the costs 3 mln. R., and the ownership share is 1/3, then the price is 1 million But in practice, for such money it is possible to count only when the object entirely. In other cases, the price will be much less.
How to calculate the value of the share
You will need
  • - monitoring similar offerings on the real estate market in their region;
  • - consultation of real estate professionals.
If the apartment is sold with a General consent of the owners as a whole, the option to divide between them the proceeds less expenses related to the preparation and registration of the transaction, in proportion to each and distribution in the same way the amounts referred to Trat seems to be the most fair.
If the share is sold, especially not isolated in nature, many of the factors that increase the cost of separate housing, completely lose value. For the buyer, which the area needs to stay more preferred options are presented in a communal room or in the hostel. The share usually only required for registration at the place of residence or stay, and for buyers of such a plan has a value of only one indicator - price.
It is clear that no buyer will not refuse, if he will give a share in the property for free, and even better - they pay for themselves. But such a plan is possible only in dreams. Even in this segment has its own demand and its offer, so that the laws of the market are in full force.
To present about what to expect, is to study similar and comparable deals in the print media and the Internet. This will allow to understand the rough framework, how much for housing this plan the sellers and how many buyers are willing to pay. It should be understood that the person giving the announcement of the sale, expects to receive for their property as much as possible, and the buyer is to give less for it. But that's not guaranteed either, so that price expectations are subject to correction.
More light on the situation shed advice in estate Agency (and better in several). It is not binding, and for this service the Agency, as a rule, do not take money. Besides, until you resolve the issue with the holders of the right of pre-emption (owners of other shares which you are required to make an offer to sell and a month to wait for the answer - and so with each decrease in price), to find you a buyer, no one will. But with respect to the amount on which you rely, rather, to enlighten you.
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