Assess the scope of work. The share of sales represents the percentage ratio, the calculation which can be made both generally, and within individual enterprises. If we consider, for example, a retail store, it is an indicator commonly used to evaluate the competitive environment, and is also used as a value comparison, sales of product groups in the assortment list.
Prepare the necessary information. The main used sources were the internal records of the financial and economic activities, as well as information from official statistical compilations. Remember that the correctness of the calculations depends on the availability of reliable data. Therefore, it should not be based on unverified information from the first Internet site.
Use the formula:y = v1/v2*100,where y is the proportion (in %);v1 – compare the indicator (i.e. the share for which you want to find);v2 – the value with which it is compared.For example, if you want to know the specific weight of a specific product unit store, then it is necessary to correlate the amount of the selected goods to the trade in General.
Indicate interest calculation parameters. There are different variations to find the share of sales, their choice depends on the purpose of its analysis. Thus, the specific weight can be defined:• In current and comparable prices (in the first case a reference point are accepted the real value of the goods for which they are being implemented in the second – price is excluding allowances);• At different time intervals (as the most popular use year, quarter, month, but other options are possible);• In relation to the last or base period;• On the basis of internal and external information.