Consult a professional fitness instructor that will help you to choose an individual program of weight loss based on your wishes. Remember that the choice of exercises depends on the type of distribution of body fat on your body. In addition, the basic principle of training is regularity. Having reached result, to stop classes do not need to maintain yourself in good shape, continue to perform a set of exercises for weight loss at least 3 times a week.
The greatest effect for fat burning give aerobic exercise, even very intense. So, along with charging, would be good in the morning to do a brisk walk. Given the fact that the body fat burning begins only after half an hour of exercise, such walking, ideally, should last for 45 minutes – 60.
Be sure to include in his exercises workout that will help to prepare the body for the upcoming physical stress. As a warm-up suit, Jogging in place or walking with raised knees for 5 minutes. Do a variety of tilts and swings hands and feet.
Composed of basic exercises should be the exercises at the press, for the muscles of the legs and buttocks, chest, abdomen, shoulders, back, and for developing flexibility of the spine depends on the presence of the waist. The main thing – that all the muscles got an even load, so even those areas that you have no complaints, should also be involved in exercises, but the problem, of course, should be given more attention.
Start the main part of training exercises for buttocks and inner thighs. Squats perform not less than 20 times. Control their breathing and clearly follow the instructions on breathing for each exercise. Produce breath at the moment of maximum tension, exhale – relax. For weight loss use of exercisesthat include lunges, their number gradually bring from 15 to 30.
After a month of training you will need to increase the load. Turn part of your mandatory compound exercises are those that must be performed with dumbbells, weights. Use the Hoop to burn fat in the waist and abdomen. Designed so that if the first time you will be doing 1-1. 5 hours a week, then a couple of months total number of hours of classes per week would increase to 3-4.