The child has a sore ear

The symptoms of catarrhal (average) otitis media easy to recognize - the child may act up, his temperature rises, he begins to pull at the affected ear or make him a hand, pressing on the ear canal is in pain and starts to cry.

If you understand that the child has an Earache, immediately go to the doctor because of otitis media should be treated only under the supervision of Laura. With proper treatment there are no complications, the inflammation goes away, the tympanic membrane quickly recovers. Wrong treatment may lead to the development of purulent otitis media, hearing loss, the transition of the disease into a chronic form.
Otitis is very often in young children as a complication of colds.

Treatment of catarrhal otitis media

In the treatment of catarrhal otitis, doctors prescribe ear drops and nose, a hot compress, analgesic (if the child has a raised temperature) and in some cases, physiotherapy (warming lamp and blue). Catarrhal otitis media can be cured without an antibiotic, it is prescribed mainly in purulent otitis media is when ear is leaking pus and fluid, as well as children up to two years.
Do not self-medicate, as incorrect treatment can lead to serious hearing problems.

The main thing in treatment of otitis media is a parallel treatment of the common cold, as it often causes pain in the ears. So before putting the drops in the ears, you must clear the nose from secretions, rinsing it with sea water, then drip into both nostrils vasoconstrictor drops to reduce swelling with the mucous membranes. You can then drip the drops in the ears. Children with catarrhal otitis media mainly prescribed eye drops, "Drops" - they relieve pain and inflammation. Need to drip them three times a day.

To properly drip drops in the ears, you need to put your baby to bed in a sideways position. Then one ear need to plug the ear canal with a cotton harness, wait 3 minutes to drop deeper. You then drip the other ear (if it is too sore) and also to wait 3 minutes. After that, the child can get out of bed. Fleece ears should be removed after 15-20 minutes. It is not necessary to keep cotton wool in the ear for a long time - it should dry out.

If the ear pain is strong and the baby is crying, you can give him antipyretic drug "Nurofen" which has an analgesic effect. So you ease the child's suffering.

During the treatment of otitis it is not necessary to bathe the child, and in the first weeks after recovery, it is recommended that during the adoption of water treatments to plug the aching ear with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil to protect it from water ingress.