You will need
  • containers of different sizes;
  • frame with a stretched metal mesh;
  • burlap;
  • the blade;
  • bricks;
  • bucket;
  • water;
  • water hose;
Washing sand required a significant amount of clean water, as well as places to drain it. Therefore, identify and prepare the place where will produce washing. Pre-sift the sand through a metal mesh to filter out large fragments and debris. Move water with water hose.
This method is used when relatively small quantities of source material. Select is not very large, but wide enough pot, for example a basin. Pour back the sand and fill it with water. Well stir the mixture with a spatula. Drain the murky water. Repeat two or three times. Then, taking the basin in his hands, hold it under gently running water. Making a circular motion, gently tilt the basin so that contaminated water was gradually merged. To obtain a larger fraction of the sand faster and more energetic movements make stronger and tilt the container, in order to together with dirt leaving fine sand. Rinse until water is clear. Then carefully drain the water.
For more sand use the frame with a metal mesh or grid. The size of the frame should be about 1m2, and the cell size from 5 to 10 mm. the Frame should have a side height of 5 – 10 cm. position the frame horizontally, tucked under the corners for 3 – 4 bricks. Top cover the frame with burlap. Sprinkle an even layer thickness of 4 – 8 refer to spray the water into the frame and adjust the pressure so that the sand was not sprayed. Periodically changing directions, rinse the sanduntil the water under the frame is clean. Close the stopcock and leave the washed material in the frame to drain the water. In this method, the larger sand will be in the upper layer.
The way to wash sand in large volumes, is the following. Install at a slight angle metal bath. The bath area is about 3 m2, the sides are 30 – 35 cm Pour in a container of 10 to 12 buckets of sand, a little rethrownew it. Secure the hose at the top of the bath and fill it with water. Adjust the pressure so that the water slowly drained from the bottom. Upward gently stir until they begin to merge. Turn off the water. Select washed sand on a clean flat surface and allow to drain water.