Advice 1: How to extract gold, artisanal

Gold production is divided into industrial and non-industrial. In the latter case, using artisanal methods to extract gold in a limited quantity. Typically, they are practicing the prospectors-lone or small groups of several people.
Method of gold mining depends a lot on where exactly it is located. In most cases, prospectors looking for gold on the banks of rivers and streams, as water availability is a prerequisite for its effective separation from the gangue.

Before washing the miners first looking for a plot with a fairly high gold content – typically a few grams per ton. To do this, the banks are fighting pits to a depth of several meters, excavated from different depth of the rock is washed. If you are able to find the gold, its content has been determined in the breed and the decision about the beginning of production.

Gold mining using a simple wash tray

A simple wash tray is made of wood or metal and externally is a large Cup with a rounded bottom. In artisanal gold mining often shown as a gold miner scoops gold-bearing sand tray and washed in the water of a stream or river. But in practice, the gold-bearing sand is very rare, usually it is a mixture of gravel, small stones, sand and other rocks.

It is this mixture mined in the pit, and cachebyvars tray. Approaching the water, you must lower the tray into the water and begin to smooth movements to rotate in this breed. It is interesting that large stones do not sink to the bottom of the tray, as you might expect, and moved to the edge and fall out. Gradually, all the stones, including the smallest, are washed from the tray, it still has a so-called concentrate particles of solid minerals of high density. The color is black, it is very well visible particles of gold in the wash if the breed they were.

Gold mining with prihodnosti

More professional and profitable is the production of gold using prihodnosti wooden tray, shot down from multiple boards. It is installed at the Creek, to him water is supplied. Usually it runs by gravity via the pipe conduit, the water intake is just upstream.

The tray is at a slight slope, on the bottom of stacked ribbed rubber mats. Placed on top of a sheet of iron with a hole in it holes. At him pour the breed and vorotitsya shovel – fines fall through into the tray for washing, and large stones raked from the sheet to the side.

By washing the gold particles linger on the mats, gangue is carried away by the water. After a certain time, usually several hours, the mats are neatly extracted, the gold is going.

Modern equipment for artisanal gold mining

Currently, many companies offer modern efficient equipment for artisanal gold mining. In the catalog you can find a wide variety of installation, can significantly facilitate the work of the prospector. There are both simple prihodnosti, light and comfortable, sophisticated and expensive equipment, pay for themselves only when working on a gold-rich areas.

Advice 2: How to extract gold

People are engaged in gold mining since ancient times. Even during the Neolithic age, ancient people began to attract the precious metal, which is often found intact nuggets. And as of now get the gold, when gold nuggets on the Ground is almost gone?
And so you can wash the gold
Gold is a soft yellow metal. This metal is quite heavy and at the same time kovok. For example, from 1 gram of gold can be pulled out the thinnest wire that will reach as much as 3 km, or to make the foil smaller in thickness than a human hair is 500 times. Let us but the main issue of this article.
In the land of the gold content in its pure form is very low. Scientists have found that if the gold is distributed evenly in the earth's crust, tons of earth could be set aside only 2 grams of gold. In water of gold is too little.
Mined gold in different ways. But all methods of gold mining (both industrial and non-industrial) based on its physico-chemical properties.
Flushing is the most common method. Based on the high density of the metal. While the rest of the metals and the sand washed with water, gold is deposited directly in the tray. Gold wash – a very long and tedious process, so it is widely used basically in the developing countries. On the other hand, this method came first. It does not require any financial investment.
Amalgamation. This extraction method is based on the ability of mercury to readily enter into compounds with gold. Gold ore for that pulverized, then put in the mercury. It turns out the amalgam (mixture of mercury with heavy metals). Next, this mixture is treated in a special way, removing mercury compounds from gold and separating them. Good method, but it presupposes the existence of expensive reagents and equipment. In addition, mercury vapor is poisonous.
Cyanidation is based on the ability of most of hydrocyanic acid and its salts to dissolve the gold itself. Delve into chemistry will not, because this method is not exactly "threaten" ordinary prospectors-lone. We can only add that gold can dissolve more "Aqua Regia", a mixture of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids.
There are several ways, such as regeneration and others, but these methods assume generally expensive experiments with chemicals. It turns out that to extract gold, we can only fashioned way: sitting on a pebble tray in my hands and scrubbing the gold bit by bit.
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