No wonder the people there is a legend that 12 weeks is not worth to tell anyone about her pregnancy. This period as fragile and unnecessary debate to anything. The main recommendation is, of course, less nervous. But besides nerves, there are other reasons that can cause miscarriage. To know them better.

The main reasons for abortion

Genetic defects that occurred in the result of the failure or mutation. This can be caused by harmful habits of parents, or external factors: radiation, ecology, virus. Unfortunately, this situation was beyond help.

Hormonal imbalance due to the imbalance of hormones in the mother's body. If caught early, the pregnancy can be saved.

Rhesus-conflict. If the mother has a negative RH factor and dad is positive, the mother's body may consider the embryo is a foreign body and reject it. To reduce the risk of such interruption, the doctor prescribes a maintenance therapy.

Any infection from the simple to the SARS sexually transmitted infections, can also cause miscarriage. Therefore, when planning pregnancy should be examined to reveal hidden pockets and treat them. Of vaccination should also be taken care of in advance, rubella, and varicella is a serious risk to the fetus.


First, reassess your way of life. Alcohol, Smoking (even passive), fast food, fizzy drinks and coffees should be removed altogether.

Taking medication, read the instructions carefully, some drugs are forbidden future mothers, as it may cause developmental defects and lead to abortion.

If you are tense, and you are a long time under the influence of stress, talk with your doctor about sedative drugs.

Physical activity needed, but all in good measure! Leave the heavy packs and the grown children for strong man's hands. But the special exercises for pregnant women will benefit.

Repair a child's room is also better to charge the man, harmful toxic fumes and gravity, that want to help can cause harm to the little man.

Too hot water can cause increased body temperature and accelerate blood circulation. Therefore, taking a bath or shower, be careful.

The principle of "the more vitamins the better" during pregnancy as well as an overdose of certain vitamins may be dangerous.

The theme of intimate relations is concerned not only future mothers, but also fathers. Doctors say if there is no danger, it is not dangerous. In some cases, even useful, for example, because of the positive emotions. But still take the time to first consult with your doctor.