Although most managers prefer to write the resolution the way it suits them, there are a number of formal rules regulating the execution of documents and, accordingly, the writing on them resolutions. If you want to have all the paperwork in your organisation comply with standards, pay attention to the writing of resolutions, however brief they may be.
First and foremost, remember that the resolution is always superimposed on any document addressed to the Director. This can be a statement, letter, email or memo. If you do the head and make a decision on a particular issue, it should be stated in the form of a resolution on the same form that contains the request.
Having made the decision, formulate it as briefly as possible, but understandable for the performer. Because any resolution is, in fact, indicating to the contractor how to do in this situation. Write the resolution in the upper left part of the document where the form is more free space.
Outlining your policy, be sure to put the current date and your signature. These data are required to clerk for registration of a corresponding order. For example, if you have a statement to dismiss the employee, write to "Dismiss with such and such a date", then date and signature.
If you are forwarding more than lower-level employees in General and individual artist, please indicate its name and what action he should take. For example, if you send the document in some Department for consideration, write: "the Head of such a Department name, for study and decision."
If at the top of the sheet there is not enough space, put a resolution on the side on the left side or bottom of the text. In any case, make sure that your instruction was easily readable, understandable and written in pen, not pencil that can easily be erased.