You will need
  • the fingertip;
  • bed or mattress;
  • tool for intimate hygiene.
Treat remedy for intimate hygiene, the vagina and labia. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a towel.
Read the instructions to the drug, paying particular attention to the introduction of the described technology. Depending on the purpose of use, candles are made on the basis of various drugs. Often they consist of petroleum jelly or of paraffin shell. Such preparations it is convenient to introduce the elastic and smooth surface, but for the same reason, to push them to the desired depth is problematic.
Wear on the index finger fingertip and gently remove the candle from the packaging.
Lie down on a bed or mattress by putting a pillow under his head. Spread your feet shoulder width apart and slightly bend their knees. Pregnant women prefer to be completely bend the legs so that the heels rested in the buttocks.
Take a candle, lift the hips and left hand to spread open your labia. Enter the candle as deep as possible, thrusting her index finger. It is best if the candle is plunged into the vagina for the entire length of the finger. If to push the drug fails, try to relax the muscles of the vagina. To do this, take a deep breath and hold your breath. At this point, with the strength to enter the candle. Pay attention to the candle deep inside the vagina, otherwise it will leak out immediately after you get out of bed.
Lower the hips. If after the injection you experience discomfort, return to the position of introduction and try to push the candle again, by entering the index finger into the vagina. Correct insertion of the drug by the body is almost imperceptible.
Lie down on the bed and softservices in this position for 10-15 minutes. At this time, the candle will begin to melt. If you once start to walk, then it is likely that the drug will slip out of the vagina, not having time to dissolve.