In order to open the retail trade of alcohol, you must be issued the company or the company since 2006 retail trade in alcoholic beverages is carried out only by organizations. Create a legal entity and register it to the IRS at the place of residence. Buy a cash register and also register it in the tax office.
Decide on the shape and type of your future store. What do you want to open a small shop or a large shopping center, supermarket or a trade will be done over the counter. And perhaps the most important question – the location of the store. Win – win situation- a relatively small shop in a residential area. Choose appropriate trading area.
So, the room is selected, the cash register is bought and registered in IPNS, open a Bank account. The next step is the preparation of the documents. You will need:- a certificate of ownership on the premises or agreement to lease;
- from the General plan task sdelayt a copy of your premises intended for sale wine and spirits products;
to enter into a contract with utilities for the disposal of domestic waste;
- to conclude a contract with a professional service for processing the premises from rodents and insects.
With copies of all the documents listed above you should go to the bodies of Gossanepidnadzor for obtaining sanitary–epidemiological conclusions. It is necessary for obtaining the license on realization of wine-vodka products. Write a statement. Pay the examination in accordance with the invoice. After that the specialists of this organization inspect your premises and issue a certificate of inspection. Collecting other required documents, apply for a license. For more information you can read here and the link
In addition to permits, you need to solve organizational issues. To correctly make a range, identify potential buyers. Explore nearby shops, consider the goods offered by them, make up the wine list and vodka products. Talk about how to arrange merchandise on shelves and racks. To do this, hire a merchandiser. Remember that if the area your store is small, you should not do too wide range. If your store has assumed security and surveillance cameras, part of product you can make free. Hire highly qualified professionals: merchandiser, accountant, sellers.