The letter of the law

According to paragraph 5 of article 16 of Law No. 171-FZ, the sale of any alcohol-containing products prohibited from 23-00 to 8-00. This prohibition extends to all points of sale of alcoholic beverages throughout the country, equipped with cash registers and a license for the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Under the previous version of this law, the sale of alcohol, the fortress which was less than 5 degrees, was allowed around the clock, and the time limit was extended to alcoholic beverages. Municipal, regional and provincial authorities have the right to change this time, tightening it. So, for example, in Samara region the ban on the sale of alcohol is from 22-00 to 10-00 Moscow time, while in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg time saved. Also the stores that are right on the sale of alcohol, has the right to set their own internal limits on the sale of alcohol.

The exception is alcohol-containing products that do not fall under any category of alcoholic beverages and the ethanol content in it is negligible. For example, fermented milk products, fermentation products (brew), etc.

Illegal realization of alcohol drinks

For violators of the ban sale of alcohol at night are elected rather cruel measure. Currently, the financial penalty ranges from 5000 to 10000 rubles. The most unpleasant thing here is that from the point of sale of seized all the alcohol. Its price greatly exceeds the amount of the fine.

Of course, many unscrupulous sellers not afraid of such measures, as income from sales of alcohol can cover penalties for one night. Citizens living close to places of alcohol sales at night, complain of constant noise, poor hygiene and drunks lying on the streets. Therefore, it is not time for discussion in the State Duma raised the issue of tougher fines and penalties for illegal circulation of alcohol products. At one time even was the amount of the fine to 1 million rubles.

The effectiveness of the measures

Unfortunately, the limitation for the sale of alcohol at night is ineffective. Many sellers still take the risk and sell it to consumers. On the other hand, offer demand-driven. Russia was and remains one of the most drinking countries in the world. And restrictions on trading in the night is only a small measure. Required a legal system is comprehensively suitable for circulation of alcohol products.