When using rectal suppositories often there is a spasm in the stomach and the urge to have a bowel movement, so before the procedure, perform a cleansing enema or empty the bowel naturally. Otherwise the candle may not be able to dissolve, with the result that the effect of the medication will be zero. With the exception of laxatives, suppositories. Before their use does not require any extra manipulation.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The procedure should be performed in complete purity. Prepare wet wipes, or a handkerchief dipped in water.
Lie on your right side, knees to the stomach. For the procedure this position is most convenient, as it allows to minimize discomfort.
Remove the candle from the packaging and push her finger into the anus to a depth of 2-3 cm and carry out the procedure carefully, without exerting extra pressure. Despite the fact that the suppository has a streamlined shape, when not careful you can injure the mucosa.
Don't get up out of bed about 20 minutes, that's how much time you need to suppository under the influence of heat the temperature of the body dissolved and absorbed. Wipe hands on a pre-prepared wet towel or handkerchief.
If within 10 minutes after the introduction of rectal suppositories occurred the urge to defecate, empty the bowels and enter the new suppository. Most likely, the first candle has not time to absorb, and therefore expect a pronounced effect of the treatment does not make sense. If between the introduction of the suppository and bowel movement it's been more than 10 minutes, an additional dose is not required. In this case, it is difficult to calculate the number of absorbed drugs, and therefore there is a risk of overdose.