Rectal suppositories (candles) are intended for introduction into the rectum, they are solid cones with a dosed medicines. These drugs stop the bleeding, reduce inflammation, provide wound-healing, antispasmodic, immunostimulatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic effect. Candles for the treatment of hemorrhoids are divided into groups depending on the composition and provide a therapeutic effect.
Hemorrhoids, and inflamed fissures, prescribed painkillers suppositories. Their main active ingredient is the any analgesic for example Novocain. These candles are used only to facilitate the patient's condition, the treatment slightly. When bleeding use a styptic candles. Most often, they contain in their composition of propolis, which increases blood clotting and has analgesic effect. There are also candles from internal hemorrhoids, suppositories used after childbirth.
Candles from hemorrhoids were divided into groups according to the main active substance. Suppositories containing glycerin, is applied to fractures and wounds of the walls of the anus, to reduce tension in the muscles of the sphincter, prevent the accumulation of feces and constipation. Candles with extract of belladonna relieve pain, provide healing effect. Methyluracyl suppositories are used when fractures and inflammatory diseases of the anus. This product has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
Homeopathic candles ("Nova-Vita", "Anti-K") made from natural components, anti-inflammatory, healing and antipruritic effect. Suppositories with adrenaline have hemostatic and analgesic effect. Candles with Ichthyol ("Claimant") applied at the early stages of the disease, the drug has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Effectively reduce inflammation, help to stop itching and accelerate the regeneration of tissues candles, "relief", containing in its composition components in animals (shark liver, fat, etc.).
To find a suitable drug should proctologist after a detailed inspection of the patient. Candles from hemorrhoids injected into the rectum after defecation and hygiene procedures. Suppository need to release from the packaging and enter into the anus with the pointy end forward. After that you should lie sideways and lie down for half an hour, the candle is completely dissolved.