To create a Buy Now button on your website, insert a small HTML code, which will result in a button, clicking on which the buyer makes a purchase of a product. After the button is pressed down, the buyer will enter in the window that appears, your personal details and the address to which you must deliver the goods. After the transaction, funds will be transferred immediately to your account, excluding service charges of PayPal.
Accepting PayPal payments using cards is more difficult, however, the result is the same. For a list of sold items add the HTML code of the buttons "add to cart" and "View cart". Here specify some of the details regarding a particular product. After adding items to the cart buyer will go to the page described above to make secure payment via PayPal.
In both cases, once the buyer clicks on the payment button, it gets to the PayPal site, where he must either login or register. After payment, you will need to check the correctness of payment, when it was held and what amount is credited to your account. The same thing can be done and the buyer to ensure that he did the right thing. After this procedure, PayPal will prompt the user to return to the original website.