The company "MTS has developed for its customers a service "Locator . Activation can be done at any time of the day or night. To do this, use the short number 6677.As soon as you need to set the location of the mobile device, send to already specified number SMS-message, the text of which must contain the number of the owner of the searched phone. After that you will receive the exact coordinates. By the way, for the use of the locator and the activation of your account will not be debited, the service is free for all subscribers of the company.
However, such service is provided not only the operator "MTS , but also "Beeline . Customers of this company can also use the locator. To order a search for the location of another subscriber and his mobile phone, you need to send SMS on short number service support 684. In the message text must be indicated by the Latin letter L. For every sent request, the operator will remove from your account two rubles, five kopecks.
If you are connected to the operator "the Megaphone , you'll be able to find mobile phone of another person using one of two methods. When you use the first you will need to connect the special service. However it is not available to all subscribers of the company, and only children and their parents. In addition, to activate this service only on certain tariff plans, namely at the rate of "Smeshariki and "Ring-Ding . Still need to pay attention to the fact that the list of such rates may be changed at any time. So from time to time visit the official website of "Megaphone to get the latest information and to be aware of the event (for example, to learn about emerging services, tariffs, promotions).
In the second method of finding the location of subscribers, there is nothing difficult, because in this case no need to fit any criteria. You will need to simply visit the web page and fill in the application form. Once sent, the application shall be processed by the operator and accepted, your mobile device immediately received a text message. It will contain the exact coordinates of the location of the phone and its owner.